Please register also, if you will just visit the camp during the day !

FAQ – Camp Questions: Frequently asked questions about the camp

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All genders
People of all genders are welcome at the camp. But there will also be some activities and spaces, that will be only open to WLIT* (Women_Lesbians_Inter_Trans_).

How to reach the campsite
Because the camp is situated in a nature reserve, it is unfortunately not possible to drive all the way to the camp with your car and park it there. This means that people who come by car should best only drive until Kochel, park the car there and take the public bus 9608 until the stop “Einsiedl”.
There is the possibility to travel with train and bus to the bus stop “Einsiedl” and then go by foot to the camp which is about 4,5 km away from the bus stop (an approx 1 hour walk).

You can also wait for our D.I.Y: shuttle service from the “Einsiedl” bus stop!

The best connection is via Munich to Kochel and then with the public bus 9608 until the stop “Einsiedl”. The travel time from Munich is between 1:38h and 2:28h.
The earliest arrival in „Einsiedl“ is at 9:37 AM and the latest at 7:37 PM.
In due time we will publish the phonenumber of our shuttle bus.

Jugendzeltlager am Walchensee
83676 Jachenau

Please register before you arrive at the camp, to make it is easier for us to plan ahead. Please also tell us, on which day you will arrive. You can of course also register by using a made up name. When you fill out the registration form, you can tell us with whom you would like to share sleeping accommodations (more on this topic under “Sleeping accommodations and arrangements”) and if you want to be in the all genders or WLIT* (Women_Lesbians_Inter_Trans_) space. You can also note, if you need child care while you are at the camp, if you have any (food) allergies and if you need translations and_or any other kind of support from us…
We will do what we can, but cannot promise that every requirement will be taken care of! We will be able to best meet your needs when you communicate with us as early and as directly as possible.
Important: If you have registered but are not be able to come, please tell us as soon as possible, so that we can give your place to somebody else!

Alcohol / Drugs / Smoking
We, as the camp orga team, will not offer any strong spirits (meaning schnapps and drinks mixed with strong alcohol such as vodka, rum, gin, tequila etc). But we will offer beer, wine, sparkling wine etc.
Illegal drugs: Please keep in mind that we are in the state of Bavaria, which is not relaxed about these things. Please also think about the fact that trouble with the police will also potentially put other people at the camp in danger who are subject to racial profiling, have an unsafe resident permit etc.
We want to remind you in general that drugs are no excuse for shitty behaviour!
Smoking is not allowed in the houses and cottages. During you visit workshops or take part in group meetings outside, we would like to ask you to think about people at the camp who have a difficult time around cigarette smoke because of their health, and who also want to take part at the group meeting / workshop. Please do not smoke during this time or step away a couple of steps if you have to. Please be sensitive about the fact that smoke is an accessibility barrier for some people, which forces them to leave a space. In the most extreme case, smoke can be a lethal health risk for some people (for example when they have strong asthma). Please use our ash trays, because if you don’t we will have to collect all cigarette butts after the camp has finished.

Awareness team
There will be an awareness team available to you all around the clock with their own telephone number, where you can call at any time. We will publish a more detailed concept of our awareness work soon. It is possible to go to quiet rooms if you need to withdraw from the camp, there will also be sleeping space.

The camp is situated directly at the lake which is ideal to go swimming! But please note that the lake shore is open to the public. There will be a WLIT* (Women_Lesbians_Inter_Trans_) swimming group, so that we can go swimming together in a somewhat safer space. We would like to ask all cis-men to not run around the camp site with naked chests when going to/coming from swimming in the lake!

Accessibility barriers
Unfortunately there are many accessibility barriers in the spaces on the camp site. We are very sorry about this. This is because we had to search for a long time to find any place at all where we could organise this camp. The camp is situated uphill and there are steps leading to the toilets and washrooms. There are no toilets and showers which are wheelchair-accessible. The dining room is in the basement and can only be reached using steps. But we can try to organise specific solutions to these problems (for example by organising a wheelchair-accessible portaloo / portable toilet) for you – please write to us directly at
We will try and do all we can so that everybody can take part in the camp and will not be excluded by accessibility barriers. Unfortunately we probably won’t be able to organise a sign language interpreter (as of now).

D.I.Y. – taking part, helping out
The camp is organised and planned 100% D.I.Y. We are dependent on your support during the planning and organising leading up to the camp, the set up and dismantling of the camp, the camp itself and also financially. We are happy when you want to take part in the planning and organising of the camp – just come to one of our planning meetings or write us a mail!
There will be lists with open work shifts at the infopoint at the camp and perhaps also online. We are happy if you already know that you want to cook something, want to help by cleaning up, take a seat at the infopoint etc. – just send us a mail to our email-address.

Food / drinks
There will be vegan „VoKü“ (communal kitchen) at the camp which will provide you with breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can donate for the food but do not have to. There will also be at least one non-alcoholic drink and snacks also for donations. Please tell us when you register if you have any allergies. We will try to keep them in mind and contact you about them again before the camp.
The next food shop is about an hour away by foot – if you have any special (food) requests, it is therefore best to bring them with you!

WLIT* (Women_Lesbians_Inter_Trans_) spaces
There will be some workshops only open for WLIT*, a space to relax and WLIT* sleeping spaces.

We would recommend that it is best for you to leave your dogs at home. If this is not possible, you can take your dogs to the camp. But they have to be on a leash on the camp site the whole time! Dogs are also not allowed to swim in the lake.
You also have to keep in mind that you might have to change your sleeping space if others are scared of dogs or have allergies.

There will be an infopoint with a telephone which will be there for all of your questions, remarks, suggestions, registrations, money donations, questions about the shuttle service, organisational troubles etc. We will also have lists with open work shifts (for example cooking, translation etc.) where we need your help.

Babysitting, child care
At the camp there will be child care, although not all of the time, but as much as possible. Please tell us in the registration form whether you need this, all the important information that we should know about the children and – if you already know this – at what times you want to take advantage of the child care.

The camp costs for you only as much as you can and want to pay, this means your contribution is based completely on donation basis. Please do not feel put under pressure: It’s totaly ok for us if you are taking part in the camp without a donation.
Unfortunately, we couldn‘t cover the complete cost of about 8000 Euros for the camp yet – so we ask those among you who have enough income, if possible, to pay the full price (8.50 € per night and person in the site / additionally around 80 euros per head for workshops, cultural program and infrastructure). Of course we are also very pleased about additional donations in solidarity with participants who are financially situated not that good.
Also the food will only cost as much as you can pay, though the „VoKü“ ((communal kitchen) will give donation-recommendations.
You can pay your contribution/donation for the camp at the Info Point.

Party, quiet time
There will be a relaxing evening entertainment program (=
Unfortunately, we can not have any loud concerts and dance evenings due to the location of the camp and the agreements with the administration of the site.
Please respect the night’s rest of the other participants and try not to make any noise where somebody wants to sleep!

Sleeping accommodations and arrangements
There are ten wooden cottages, each with ten beds (bunk beds) and storage space. In each cottage there is also additional space for 5 persons who bring their own sleeping mat and sleeping bag. If you are coming in a group and want to sleep together, please tell us in the registration (you can find more informations about this in the registration form). Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve the cottages for individuals or smaller groups than 10 people – with a total capacity of 100-130 beds, we will probably need every sleeping possibility. If you have specific questions or needs concerning this topic, please tell us about them – we will try to find a solution the best we can, but because of the circumstances we can unfortunately not promise that we will be able to take care of all of them.
There will be a WLIT * sleeping area – please let us know in the registration form if you want to sleep there.
Please bring your bedding and sleeping bag with you!
We ask you to have regards of the (rest) needs of your cottage mates!

Staying the night outside of the camp (camping areas, inns, sleeping in your camper van)
(All of the following URLs are in German, sorry – if you need an English translation to find the information you need, please write us at and we will help you as best as we can).
There is a designated night parking space for camper vans at Einsiedl (4.5km from the campsite): and a campsite nearby:
Youth hostels and inns can be found here: (Einsiedl is closest to the camp, the Walchensee lake is quite large, please keep that in mind when you look at inns or other sleeping spaces).

It is possible to organize a translation for all workshops from German to English (and from English into German). For other languages ​​like French, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, we will probably also be able to organize some translations – please tell us beforehand if you or others want to take advantage of this offer! Of course you can also name unlisted languages, though we can not promise anything, but we will try to organize a translation then!
If you want to offer translation services, write to our contact address, if possible with the information about when you could do translation. At the camp itself you can ask for translation or offer your translation services at the info point. Unfortunately, we (as far as we know so far) couldn‘t organize a translation for sign language. Here we would also be happy about offers from you!